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The About Box provides general information about the Total Office Manager installation on your system. The location of the database file (company file) can easily be found here.  File versions, trademark acknowledgements, copyright notices, and more can be found here.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Help | About

Field Definitions

Registration Tab

  • Serial No. – The serial number that you were issued by our office for Total Office Manager. You can’t edit this field.
  • Registration Number – The registration number that you were issued by our office for Total Office Manager. When you installed Total Office Manager, the program displayed a site code. You called our office and were given this number. This number will only work on one computer. You can’t edit this field.
  • Site Code – This number is specific to the computer you are using. Total Office Manager uses it to identify this computer. You can’t edit this field.
  • Database Name and Path – Reports the filename and location of the currently open database (company file).  The database location is reported from the workstation’s perspective, which means if your IT professional has “mapped” a drive from the workstation to a network server location, the entire UNC ( Universal Naming Convention) path is not reported.  Nonetheless, following the reported path from the workstation will lead to the database file.
  • EXE Name and Path – The name of Total Office Manager’s main program file and its location. This information is mainly there for tech support. You can’t edit this field.

Version Tab

  • Program – The version number that we assign to Total Office Manager.  This changes each time you update or upgrade. You can’t edit this field.  Technically speaking, the version is in the format of:

Major Version . Minor Version . Revision


For instance, Program Version 11.7.38 means it is Major Version 11, Minor Version 7, and Revision 38.

  • Database This number is assigned by Total Office Manager so that it can keep track of what changes have been made to the internal structure of the database. Our tech support people mainly use this information. You can’t edit this field.
  • Payroll Data – This refers to the version of the payroll tables used by Total Office Manager. You can’t edit this field.
  • Payroll DLL – This is similar to the version number found in the “Program” field, but relates specifically to the payroll portion of the program.
  • Payroll – Indicates when your payroll tables may become obsolete and you may no longer be able to obtain free downloads. This date may change as you get updates so do NOT use it as your only indicator of when your payroll subscription has expired.
  • MapPoint Installed – Indicates if your computer has Microsoft MapPoint installed. Total Office Manager can interact with MapPoint 2004 or later (minimum version is subject to change). We recommend MapPoint 2009.
  • Build – The internal build number assigned by Microsoft to MapPoint.

Other Tabs

  • Credits – This field helps pay tribute to some of those that helped make Total Office Manager possible.
  • Legal – Contains information that our lawyers make us include.
  • About Total Office Manager – This field provides some basic information about what Total Office Manager is.