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You have two ways to do this in Total Office Manager.  You can copy the entire screen using the Windows copy paste function or you can simply send an active window (form) or the entire screen to the default printer. Both are covered here.


Sometimes it’s helpful to capture a picture of your computer screen, particularly if an unrecognized error message pops up.  It is also a handy training tool for sharing ideas and thoughts with coworker about a particular screen or form.  Another use may include creating a hard copy of some Total Office Manager information that is available in a form but not readily available in a report.  Sometimes screen shots can be very handy.

Copy a Screenshot and Paste

An easy way to do this is to press the PrntScr button on your keyboard, then click on Start, Programs, Accessories, Paint, then Edit and Paste. From the File menu in Paint, you can choose File and Send if you need to e-mail the screen shot to your IT person or consultant.

Rather than use the File | Send command , click File | Save As, enter a name for the screen shot, choose the JPEG format, and click Save button. Now you can click File | Send and the resulting file will be FAR SMALLER than what you would have had otherwise. BMP files are very large.

Total Office Manager’s Built-in Screen/Form Print Feature

Print an Active Form or the Entire Screen in Total Office Manager

Total Office Manager has a great feature built in that allows you to send a picture of any open form or the entire screen to your computer’s default printer. The form image is automatically adjusted to fit the paper size that is available in your printer.

From the main menu, click File | Printing. You will see tow options that we have detailed below.

Print Active Window

This option sends the image of what ever form is active (has focus ) on your computer screen.

Print Screen

This option sends a picture of the entire screen (what ever is shown on your computer monitor) to the default printer.


The “Print an Active Form or the Entire Screen” option will only send pictures to the printer that is setup as the default printer. To change the printer you are sending the image to you must change the Windows default printer. See Windows Help if you need to do this but do not know how.