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Envelopes can be printed for the following lists:  Vendors List, Customer:Jobs List, Invoice List, Purchase Order List, Create Statements List, Checks List, and Payroll Checks List.

Form Access

  • From the respective list’s menu, click Reports | Print Envelopes.

Field & Button Definitions

  • Company Address – The Company Address drop-down list allows the choice between
  • Don’t Print Any Company Info
  • Logo Only
  • Logo and Address to Right
  • Logo and Address on Bottom
  • Address Only. No Logo.
  • Company Name – The Company name drop-down list allows the choice between.
  • No Company Name
  • Company Name
  • DBA Name
  • Return Address Font – Used to control the font of the return address.
  • Logo Scale – Adjusts the size of your company logo.
  • Pick the Fields For the Envelope – Up to four address lines can be included on the envelope.  Use the “Field” drop-down list to designate which field to use for each line number.
  • Save as Default – Saves the currently selected settings as the default settings for future use.
  • Printer Settings – Click the radio button to control between landscape and portrait envelope orientation.
  • Address Font – Used to control the font of the recipient address.
  • Cancel – Exits the form without saving changes.
  • Print – Sends the envelope print job to the printer.