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FAQs Related to Managing Documents and Files with the Document Manager

Basic Introduction to the Document Manager

Total Office Manager Document Links will help you organize and keep important documents for your contacts centralized.  Document Links are found throughout both Total Office Manager and Aptora Mobile II.  They can be attached to customers, vendors, employees, assets, items, the company, bills, invoices, work orders, marketing types, and many other places. You may quickly access these documents from a simple right click on just about every form.

Document Links are controlled by security.  To access the master Document Links, navigate to Company | Document Manager | Document Link List.  Double clicking a link will open the associated file or website.  From the right click menu on most forms, you will find the option to add a new document for the transaction and open the list for the record.

Q&A for the Document Manager

Q: Can I keep a copy of a postcard or marketing ad in Total Office Manager?

A: Yes, you may create a Document Link to your postcard, newspaper ad catalog or flyer. Go to Company | Company Information | Menu | Document Links.  Next, go to Document List | New Document Link. Assign an alias name, select the browse button to find the document on your server, select a category, such as PR, Direct Mail, Advertising or Service Agreements.  Then Save & Close. Now you have a quick and easy way to locate your advertising and marketing pieces right inside Total Office Manager.

Q:  Is there an easy way to add links to the Document Link feature?

A:  Yes!  The Document Link feature supports “drag-n-drop” usage.  Simply locate your document then drag and drop it into the open Document Link List in Total Office Manager.  The link will be added automatically.  What could be easier!

Remember that “links” in the Document Manager are only “pointers” or “shortcuts” to the location of the source document.  Opening and editing the source document does not affect the document link in Total Office Manager.  However, moving the source document WILL disrupt the document link in Total Office Manager, because the link will be pointing to a location where the source document no longer resides.

Q: Why can I not drag and drop files into the Document Links window?

A: If  you are having troubles using the drag and drop feature on Windows, please review one of the following articles.  Please note: If you are using Aptora Hosted, you may not drag and drop for document links.

Q:  Why can I not open document links created from the Aptora Mobile II app in Total Office Manager?

A:  Any document links (pdf, jpg, bmp, png, etc.) created from within Aptora Mobile II are stored by default to the mobile computer directly under <MOBILESERVERNAME>\Users\Public\Documents\Aptora directory.  You may change this default location in the mobile configuration utility.  If anyone in the Total Office Manager program cannot access these files, this is generally an issue with security permissions that needs to be addressed by your IT Professional.

Please Note: If you are an Aptora Hosted Customer and cannot access these documents, please email  To test your user has the appropriate access to these files, please right click on a document link and choose the Edit Document Link option.  Copy the file path from the Link field and paste it into the address bar of the File Explorer window.

Q:  Why can I not open document links created from Total Office Manager in the Aptora Mobile II app?

A:  Any document links (pdf, jpg, bmp, png, etc.) created from within Total Office Manager you wish to open in the Aptora Mobile II app must have the Windows Users and IUSR roles assigned to the folder security permissions to access these files in the mobile application.  If you do not wish to use the Windows IUSR role (internet user), you may also configure your mobile website to use the ASP.Net Impersonation tools provided through IIS (Internet Information Systems).  For more information on configuring ASP.Net Impersonation, please review the article Aptora Mobile II: Changing the file storage path to a location outside of the installed machine or the Microsoft documentation Using IIS Authentication with ASP.Net Impersonation.

Please Note: If you are an Aptora Hosted Customer, you are not able to enable ASP.NET Impersonation.  This is only necessary for on premise platforms managing their own website security.