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Total Office Manager is only as fast as your computer network. If you have a network that is running at 35% of normal speed, so will Total Office Manager. We have had an alarming number of clients report poor networking speeds. Fixing them has resulted in much happier Total Office Manager users.

This article explains how to perform a very simple test to evaluate your computer network. This article over simplifies the topic a little bit but it is a really good place to start. Be sure to seek help if you don’t understand these instructions.

How To Do The Test

A standard, modern day, network can theoretically carry 12.5 MB of files every one second. Most networks run at about 80% efficiency so in fact a network should easily be able to carry 10 MB per second.

  • Locate a file that is as close to 100 MB (megabytes) as possible. This can be any file you like, including zip files. It’s best to use one file. Several files take a little longer to move than a single file of the same size.
  • Copy the file to your server and time how long it takes to be copied over. Conduct the test with normal network traffic going on.
  • Now copy the file from your server back to your computer.
  • Repeat this process three times to gather an average time.
  • It should take your computer system just 10 seconds to move the file to and from your computer (or one second per 10 MB of file size). If this process takes longer, you should have your network and all of the wiring carefully checked out by a professional.