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Do you suspect a payroll report or paycheck contains incorrect information? This topic was created to offer some basic information about payroll processing that may help you with troubleshooting payroll related issues.

One of the things the 941 and W2s show is how well your payroll has processed throughout the tax year.  If the check information is incorrect the subsequent tax forms are also incorrect. Please keep the following things in mind:

  1. Payroll checks relay information which is in the employee setup at the time the check is created.
  2. The deduction and liability Tax Tracking record the value at the time the check is created.
  3. Only those active items within the employee setup are populated at the time the check is created.
  4. Taxes are associated with the employee for those setup on the taxes tab within the employee setup AND taxes assigned to a Customer:Job which is also in the timesheets for the payroll period being processed at the time the check is created.
  5. The 941 and W2 pull information from the pr2Paycheck tables only.