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Many times we will hear a customer say they received a date migration and the customers are duplicated or work orders are present as customers.  Please know we do not read every customer record.  We match fields from your data structure to ours.  There are several things we look for to minimize duplicates however, if there are duplicate records in your system, it will be duplicated in our software when migrated.

Our recommendation is they do this as you are working with customer records or as you come across them.  We don’t consider this to be a defective data migration.  We do have tools in Total Office Manager to assist with cleaning duplicate information.  By highlighting multiple records, you may use the Merge Contacts option to clean this data.

In looking at ID 271, 313, and 2361 below, visually we can tell these records are the same.  However, the zip codes are different and E does not match East in the address lines.  There is no way for us to programmatically know which record is legit, as the records are different.  Each record will likely have history and which one to keep is not a decision that is best made by Aptora’s data department.

When duplicate data exists, the Name is migrated and kept the same for good reason.  When you edit this customer you will be alerted to the duplicate record.  At that time, you may clean and merge these records.

Image showing customer duplicates.