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Upon startup of Total Office Manager you will be prompted to enter registration information for Total Office Manager. If you are trying Total Office Manager out to see if you want to purchase it, you can run for a limited number of uses and/or limited time period for a demo period.

During the demo period, certain functions will be disabled in Total Office Manager. Otherwise Total Office Manager is fully functional.


Serial Number:  This is the serial number found on your CD jacket or sales invoice . If you are running in Demo Mode the serial number is shown as ‘DEMO’

Site Code:  This is the site code that is specific for your computer. If you install Total Office Manager on a different computer, you will have to get a new Registration Number for Total Office Manager.

Registration Number:  This is the registration number that was sent to you.

OK Button:  After you’ve entered your serial number and registration number, press this button to validate all of your information. If your registration is valid, you will be allowed to use Total Office Manager.

Demo Mode Button:  Use this button to use Total Office Manager in demo mode. If your demo period is over (either by uses or time), this button is not here.

Quit Button:  This button is only visible when the demo mode is over.

Demo Mode Reminder

The demonstration mode is only good for a certain number of uses or a limited amount of time. After pressing the Demo Mode button this message appears telling you how much time and uses you have left.

Common Questions and Answers

How Do I Know If I Am in Demo Mode?

When you first startup Total Office Manager and you are in demo mode, you will be prompted to enter registration info. If your demo time has expired, you will only be able to enter registration info or quit.

While running Total Office Manager in demo mode, the title bar will indicate that you are in demo mode and how many uses are left and days are left until the demo period expires. After which you will have to register Total Office Manager to continue using it.

What’s Important About The Registration Information?

If you have technical support issues with Total Office Manager, you will be required to give this information to the tech support personnel either via email or phone.

Where Do I Find The Registration Information?

Use the Help menu and select “About”. This opens the About Box. Select the Registration tab to find this information.