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How to Use the Report Navigator to Quickly Locate Reports

The Report Navigator is an alternate way of accessing the wide variety of reports available in Total Office Manager.  Many find that Report Navigator is easier and quicker to use than the main menu for locating necessary reports.

Using the Report Navigator users can view and sort a list of reports available in Total Office Manager.  Users can view a list of previous reports which have been viewed. Users can view a list of which report you or the company select most often.  Reports can even be exported directly into MS Excel™, MS Word™, Adobe Acrobat™, Microsoft Excel™, and MS Word™. Of course, the respective software is required to view these files once exported. Not all versions are supported.

Opening the Report Navigator

  • From the main menu click Reports | Report Navigator


  1. Open the Report Navigator form as noted above.

  2. Highlight the report to run by clicking on it.

  3. Click the Options button and setup the report as desired.  Options vary by report.

  4. Click the Preview button to review the report.  Print and export functions are handled from within the preview window.


  • Double click on any report to preview.

  • MS Excel Extended is a collection of special characters and associated codes adopted by the ANSI standards organization. The ANSI character set includes many foreign characters, special punctuation, and business symbols.

  • The two most often used forms, and perhaps the most important, are the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet.