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How to Sell Out of Stock Serialized Items and Why

You have the ability to sell serialized items on an invoice that are not in stock.

  1. When the preference is turned on, you will be able to enter a quantity of one and enter a retail price.
  2. You will not be required to select a serial number.
  3. Revenue will be created as usual. No COGS will be created because you have not yet bought it.
  4. When the item is in stock, you will be able to go back to that invoice and select the serial numbers. The retail price and descriptions will not change from what it was.
  5. At that point, COGS will be created as usual and backdated to match the invoice revenue. This happens even though the items did not actually exist at the time the invoice was created.


There is an invoice list filter option called Serialized Back Order Yes/No. This will allow you to filter for invoices that have one or more serialized items with no serial number selected. See Preferences | Sales/Invoices/Estimates | Company | Allow Selling of Zero Quantity Serialized Items (bottom of the form).

This allows you to create an invoice that is fully priced out, collect all or part of the money, offer the buyer a paid receipt, order the items, receive the items, update the invoice, and print a final invoice.

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