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In order to further review your issue(s), we are in need of a copy of your database.
When sending your file through the internet, it is important to ensure the appropriate ports are not blocked.If you do not allow the aftp.exe through the Windows Firewall, the upload may fail.For more information on adding a program to the Windows Firewall, please visit one of the following links:


  1. Download the Aptora File Transfer Utility from the following link:
  2. To ensure the uploads will transmit, please add the aftp.exeapplication to your Windows Firewall as an exception.
    1. Select your windows key on your keyboard
    2. Type “allow an app through windows firewall”
    3. Select the matching windows firewall option
    4. Select Change settings
    5. Select Allow another app
    6. Select Browse
    7. Navigate to your where you’ve downloaded the aftp.exe program
    8. Select the app then select open
    9. Select Add
    10. Make sure to check the private box for this app
    11. Select Okay
  3. Once downloaded and passed through the firewall, please choose to run the application.
  4. Click the Add File(s) button to add data files to send to our office.
  5. Navigate to your backup location, select your file, and select Open
  6. Once you have added your data files, please click the Start Upload button.
  7. The program will appear nonresponsive until the uploads are completed. Once completed, you will see the green Upload Complete confirmation.If you are having trouble using the aftp.exe utility, please contact our office for further assistance.

  8. Once completed please send an email to helpdesk@aptora.comwith the file name and size referencing the issue number(s).