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Field Service App Search Tips

Having trouble finding things while in a work order or invoice using the field service mobile app?

  1. Be sure users know they can search descriptions. Have them think about unique strings that would only be found in the task or item they are looking for. The following string might help you locate a motor replacement task and avoid all the single capacitors. Example: “and 7.5MFD”.
  2. Your item/task description is more important than the item/task number. Take time to enter good descriptions.
  3. Be consistent with your naming and description conventions. Example: 1/3HP or 1/3 HP. 1075RPM or 1075 RPM. 7.5 MFD or 7.5MFD. You can do either, but always do it the same way.
  4. Understand the difference between searching with “Like/Contains”, “Exact Match”, “Starts With”, and “Ends With”.
  5. Turn off the mobile device preference that auto adds a space after a word. When people add a search word, we have seen the device add a space to the end of the term. The space is considered to be part of the search term. That can cause the user to think the search is not working. You might wish to turn off auto correct too. These preferences are NOT part of Aptora Mobile II. They are preferences in your device.