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We know it is frustrating when Total Office Manager stops responding or suddenly closes. These system “crashes” can be caused by anything from a corrupted file being used by the application, to an improperly registered component used by the application, to anti-virus blocking permission to files needed for use within the application. In order to troubleshoot this, please have any user experiencing the issues run the Problem Steps Recorder on the machine. Below are links with instructions on how to get to this program
on the computer.

Record steps to reproduce a problem

How to use the Problem Steps Recorder in Microsoft 365

Running Problem Step Recorder

Start the steps recorder before you start the task where Total Office Manager crashes. Let it run until the errors occur or the program crashes. When this happens, please do the following:
1. Stop the Problem Steps Recorder and save the document to the local machine with the user name in the file name.
2. Open Windows Event Viewer. (Start | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Event Viewer).
3. Click Windows Log | Application on the left.
4. Click Save All Events As…. on the right and save to local desktop with the user name in the file name.
5. Compress and send both the Event Viewer log and Problem Steps Recorder files to Be sure to include the issue you are experiencing and request a new help ticket is created.  If you already have a support ticket, include the corresponding Ticket No as a reference.