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A credit exists within a customer’s family unit that you would like to apply this credit to another customer within the family unit. When trying to set this credit against an open invoice, you are not able to see it as available in the Credits Form.

The answer is simple. You are using hierarchy within your Customer:Job list. Invoices and credits are specific to a single customer and credits must be applied to the customer the credit was initially issued for. For example, a Home Owner’s Association contains several properties. Property A has a credit available of $150.00. Property B has an open invoice. Although both properties are sub-accounts of the Home Owner’s Association, the individual properties are not privy to each other’s available credits.


The first step in the process is to create an Invoice Item to be used for transferring credits between customer accounts. This Item type will be created as an Other Charge item type. It is recommended to name the item something similar to “Billing Adjustment” so you know what the item is being used for. On the Accounting Tab, select the Income Account selection will be a Chart of Account that will be used as a wash account. Typically, this account is an Other Expense and will always contain a zero balance.

To transfer the credit between accounts, complete the following steps:

  1. Create an Invoice for the customer with the available credit.
  2. Select the “Billing Adjustment” item.
  3.  Enter the amount of the credit you wish to transfer.
  4. Create a Credit Memo for the customer you are transferring the credit to.
  5. Select the “Billing Adjustment” item.
  6. Enter the amount of the credit you wish to transfer.
  7. Open the Receive Payments form.
  8. Select the parent company as the Customer:Job.
  9. Click on the invoice created in Step #1.
  10. Click the Set Credit button in the lower left corner.
  11. Apply the open credit to close this invoice.
  12. Click Save & Close
  13. Click on the invoice for the customer in Step #4
  14. Click the Set Credit button in the lower left corner
  15. Apply the credit created in Step #4
  16. Click Save & Close
  17. Cancel out of the open Receive Payments form. There is no need to save this transaction.