Total  Office  Manager  Enterprise  Edition

Award-winning, field service management software with accounting, dispatching, service agreements, CRM & more. We recieved a perfect 5 star rating from CPA Technology Advisor Review.

Flat  Rate  Plus

Thousands of customizable tasks for HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Industries. Print your own flat rate books any time. Completely updated and revised.

Aptora  Mobile  II

Mobile Field Service Software for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, BlackBerry. Manage your service business from a smart phone.

Field Service Management Software & Flat Rate Pricing Software

Our field service management mobile software, construction accounting software, and flat rate software are designed for contracting businesses that have outgrown programs such as QuickBooks®, or need a way to standardize their business operations. For over 16 years, our affordable solutions have included all of the features other software companies require you to purchase as add-ons or ongoing version upgrades for more money. Call us today at (866) 296-9700 for a FREE Product Tour or click here to sign up for our newsletter.

Interdepartmental Billing and Why You Should Care

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Aptora Mobile II

Aptora GPS

Operations Manual

  • OPS Manual Mr HVAC's Operations Manual

    Aptora is the exclusive dealer of Mr. HVAC's Operations Manual. This manual gives your all the benefits of franchising at a fraction of the price. Stop wondering if your business is operating efficiently and ensure you are running your company correctly. Click here to learn more.

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