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In-Progress Invoice (about)

What is an In-Progress Invoice and What Does the Selection Do?

An invoice can be marked as In-Progress. What does that mean or do?

Explaining In Progress Invoices

In-Progress Invoices are just like regular invoice in every way except they are never considered to be Past Due. They will show up on all related reports (like A/R reports) and they will always appear to be “current”; not matter how old they are. In-Progress Invoices can later be marked as Posted and even later remarked as In-Progress.

Accessing the In-Progress Invoice

This feature belongs to the Invoice so you will see this option on the Invoice List or Invoice Form.

How to Use an In-Progress Invoice

In-Progress Invoices are helpful for managing on-going jobs that may span multiple months. There may be a time where it is helpful to start a new invoice and add to it as a job progresses. This allows you to recognize COGS, expenses, and income as the job progresses (I.E.: progress billing). Once the job is complete, the invoice may be marked “Posted” and processed as usual.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Create an In-Progress Invoice

To mark an Invoice as “In-Progress”, simply right click on the invoice (from the invoice list or the actual invoice form).

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