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The Aptora® Flat Rate Software System Shootout

Two Fantastic Flat Rate Options. Which One is Right for You?

Option One: A Great Idea for Simple Flat Rate Pricing – Introducing Flat Rate Simple™

Flat Rate Simple™ (FRS) is a flat rate price book management system built with Microsoft Excel®. It was designed and built to be the absolute easiest system to use while still proving a great balance of functionality and features. This easy-to-use flat rate system was designed to be successfully implemented in your company with the least amount of effort possible.

There are about 3300 professionally constructed tasks that cover HVAC, commercial refrigeration, electrical service, plumbing repair, and drain cleaning. Residential and light commercial work are covered. FRS covers maintenance, repairs, and equipment replacement tasks.

You can print smart looking flat rate books and export the data for easy integration into nearly any software program. And because FRS was built in Excel®, it is essentially 100% customizable.

You can view the help topic here for more information and screenshots.

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Option Two: A Complete Flat Rate Invoicing System – Introducing the New Flat Rate Plus Online®

Flat Rate Plus Online® is a feature rich flat rate pricing system that allows you to create and maintain flat rate pricing for all your service, maintenance, and installation needs. The system is preloaded with thousands of parts and professionally written tasks. It’s easy to change prices, add repairs, modify labor times, and update descriptions. You’re able to change almost everything about your price books.

Using our image-based selection wizard, technicians will love how fast and easy it is to locate tasks and add them to the customer’s shopping cart. You can process credit card payments in the app and email beautiful looking invoices.

The program features an optional QuickBooks Online synchronization that provides a live two-way data exchange between the two programs.

Click here to go to Flat Rate Plus Online dedicated website.

Features and Capabilities Flat Rate Plus Online® Flat Rate Simple™
Super simple to understand and use. Yes Yes. Even Easier!
Can be totally 100% customized by the user. Not 100% Yes. It’s Excel®
Graphical flat rate task selection wizard that technicians love. Yes No
Add tasks to a shopping cart and take multiple payments. Yes No
Process credit card payments in the field. Yes No
Create invoices and email invoices from the app. Yes No Invoicing
Open historical invoices, view, and email copies. Yes No Invoicing
Show service agreement discounts. Yes (multiple) No
Enter sales tax rates for parts and labor. Yes No
Insert professionally written task descriptions that can be edited. Yes No
Insert invoice terms and conditions that can be edited. Yes No
Use the program with a web browser or an app. Yes (app soon) No
QuickBooks® Synchronization with real-time (live) updating. Yes No
Setup employees and users. Control access and usage with security. Yes No
Associate images with tasks and parts. Yes No
HVAC, Refrigeration, Electrical, and Plumbing Industries. Yes (extra fees) Yes (all included)
The approximate number of tasks in all industries combined. 4,200 3,300
The approximate number of parts in all industries combined. 13,000 None (n/a)
Parts and tasks are updated by Aptora. Yes No
Enter your own labor rates. Yes Yes
Enter your own parts markup tables. Yes Yes
Use different labor rates and parts markup for each industry (book). Yes No
Create and use an unlimited number of parts markup tables. Yes No (just 1)
Add, edit, or delete item categories. Yes Not Applicable
Add, edit, or delete task categories. Yes Yes
Add one or more items to a task. Yes Not Applicable
Edit the individual parts and materials that make up tasks. Yes Not Applicable
Inactivate tasks that you do not want to use. Yes Yes
Edit task descriptions, labor hours, and other information. Yes Yes
Have a nearly unlimited number of books, tasks, categories, etc. Yes Yes
Print the flat rate books or export as a PDF Yes Yes
Print filters and options. Limited Yes
Export flat rate books and data. Yes Yes
Import flat rate data. Yes Yes
Free Heat Gain Calculator Yes No
Free Labor Rate Calculators Yes (2) Yes (1)
Social Networking and the ability to share parts, tasks, images, etc. Yes No
Management reports and flat rate task profitability estimates. Yes Yes
End-of-Day Parts Reordering & Replenishment Report Yes No
Which Flat Rate Pricing System from Aptora is Right for You?

If you are comfortable with Microsoft Excel® and you favor an affordable one-time investment to own the system outright, then Flat Rate Simple™ may be the perfect choice for you.

If you demand the ultimate in power and capability and you don’t mind a monthly investment to access a fully managed system, then Flat Rate Plus Online® may be the best choice for you.

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