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Support Department FAQs for Total Office Manager

Now that you have been through the user manual, you should have a good level of understanding on how to use Total Office Manager. After you have used the program for a while, you will likely have accounting related issues that need to be investigated and fixed. This section covers some common support issues and problems.

This is a comprehensive list of questions and answers that are (mostly) not related to IT. We have left out all the detailed step-by-step instructions that you should no longer find necessary. These Total Office Manager FAQs cover over 90% of the technical questions that our support department addresses every day.

The Most FAQs of all the FAQs

We have included a large list of questions and answers in this 52 page FAQ PDF. You might be wondering what the most asked questions of all are.

Here is a high-level summary of them:

  1. Questions related to why the Accounts Receivable Aging, Accounts Payable Aging, and inventory reports do not match the amounts shown on the balance sheet. These reports often don’t match and that’s normal. They get their information from different sources.
  2. Questions related to why sales tax liabilities reports, and payroll liabilities reports do not match the amounts shown on the balance sheet. This is most often related to users not always using the Pay Sales Tax Liabilities form and the Pay Payroll Liabilities form, to pay those liabilities.
  3. Questions related to account balances on the income statement and balance sheet. Examples: Why is the bank balance wrong? Why are the credit card liabilities incorrect? Why is the inventory account so far off?
  4. Questions related to why quantities on hand for certain inventory items are not correct, how did they get messed up, and how to fix them. These questions are often accompanied by other questions related to why the job costing reports are “wrong” or incomplete. Inventory questions

Summing up all the FAQ Into One Sentence

The vast majority of the questions clients ask us are related to accounting methods and reports. If we had to sum up all the FAQ into one sentence, it would be this:
The most common support questions Aptora answers are related to where do the numbers shown on various reports and forms come from, what do they mean, how do we know they are correct, and how can we fix them?

Master These Subjects and Win

If you can master these subjects, you will be able to solve almost any problem and answer almost any question your company will ever have. That’s true with any accounting software program you might use.

How to Find Other Answers

Total Office Manager ® shares many of the same accounting functionality and traits as QuickBooks Enterprise Edition®. Try searching the internet as if you were a QuickBooks user. You will find plenty of information that can easily be applied to Total Office Manager.

Please click here to download a 52 page PDF.