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How to Invoice or Bill a Third Party

3rd Party Billing is a manner of billing that is used by a company to account for special billing arrangements to cover warranty work, deductibles, mandatory fees, etc. for Customer:Jobs that it services. The company receives and makes payment against those special invoices mailed directly to a 3rd Party Customer and handles the remitted payments against the Customer:Jobs account balance.

The use of the 3rd Party Billing in Total Office Manager allows you to take all or a portion of the amount due on an Invoice and Bill to another Customer. When this is done, the Invoice information stays in the Original Customers History and allows you to move all or a portion of an Invoice Balance to another Customer Account.

If the 3rd Party Customer does not pay the entire amount of the billing, it is typically the Customer:Jobs responsibility for all charges incurred with the company. If the 3rd Party Customer does not pay an invoice as billed, it is customary for the company to notify the Customer:Job and request assistance in contacting the 3rd Party Customer.

If the 3rd Party Customer refuses to pay, the unpaid charges could potentially be transferred back to the Customer:Job’s  account. The Customer:Job is then responsible for paying any outstanding invoice amounts as defined by the company.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, select Customers | Create Invoices
  • From the Dispatch Board, right click on Work Order | Create | Invoice


  1. Create an Invoice for the Customer:Job the work (charge) was done for. Fill in all fields as you normally would complete for your invoicing processes.
  2. Navigate to Menu | Bill To Customer:Job
  3. When the Bill To Customer:Job form appears, select the Customer:Job that you want to invoice as the 3rd Party from the Customer:Job drop down list.
  4. Enter the Amount or Percentage of the Invoice that needs to be billed to the 3rd Party Customer and click OK.
  5. You will receive a message indicating that the Invoice Balance has been transferred.  Once the transfer is completed, you can continue with your invoicing procedures as usual.
  6. The amount that you billed to the 3rd Party Customer:Job will show as paid on the originating Invoice and there will be a Balance Due in the 3rd Party Customer:Job account as an open amount to receive payments against etc.

Tips for Third Party Billing Invoicing

  • If a Customer is paying any portion or deductible from the Invoice Balance, you can enter this by navigating to Menu | Receive Payments from within the Invoice and receive that portion and then bill the remaining portion to the 3rd Party.
  • You cannot bill the 3rd Party Customer:Job an amount that is greater than the Invoice Balance.
  • If an Invoice is fully or partially Billed to a 3rd party there will be an Indicator on the upper portion on the Invoice to indicate this. This same indicator will show in the Customers History in the Sales Tab.
  • You can enter the 3rd party’s “Bill To” name and address manually on the invoice.

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