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The Invoice Items – Payment subtracts the amount of a customer payment from the total amount of an invoice or statement.  Payment items are used when you receive a partial payment on an invoice. An example might be a down payment.  If you receive full payment at the time of the sale, use a sales receipt form instead of a payment item on an invoice.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Customers | New Invoice Item, or

New Invoice Item
New Invoice Item File Path
  • From the toolbar, click the Add New Item button.

New Item from Toolbar

Usage – Invoice Items – Payment

In short, select an invoice item Type from the drop-down list then complete the necessary fields in that form.  Each item type has different fields.

General Tab

Complete the fields in the General tab (illustrated below) as follows:

Payment - General Tab
Payment – General Tab
  • Description – An explanation of the item.
  • Deposit To – Based on your accountant’s recommendation, choose the account from your Chart of Accounts in which to deposit the payment.
  • Payment Method – Choose a payment method from the drop-down list.  If necessary, setup a new payment method by clicking <Add New> from the list.  This will open the Add Payment Method dialog box, used for that purpose.  Simply enter a payment name in the Payment Method field, then choose a Payment Type from the drop-down list.
  • Inactive – When ticked, the Inactive checkbox causes the method to become inactive.

Example of Invoice Items – Payment

Payment - Example
Payment – Example

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