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The first screen users see upon logging into Aptora Mobile is the Dashboard. The Dashboard is intended to serve as a hub for the use; a centralized location for all information pertinent to that specific user. The Dashboard contains quick-access menus for Work Orders, Appointments, and Reminders among other things. However, the Work Orders and Appointments the user is shown are only his or her own. This allows the user to quickly view information relevant to his or her position and schedule.

The following can be accessed from the Dashboard:


This list displays any appointment(s) assigned to the employee logged in, where the date of the appointment is equal to or earlier than the current day’s date.

Work Orders

This list displays all Work Orders assigned to the employee logged in where date of the Work Order is equal to or earlier than the current day’s date and that is not marked as “Completed” or “Canceled’.


This list displays all reminders assigned to the employee logged in where the date of the Reminder is equal to or earlier than the current day’s date and that is not marked as “Completed”.

Phone Messages

This list displays all Phone messages assigned to the employee logged in where the date of the Phone Message is equal to or earlier than the current day’s date and is not marked as “Read”.



The alerts section on the Dashboard is intended to alert the user to information that needs their immediate attention. This list includes work orders and appointments that are late or overdue. It includes reminders and phone messages that are one day or more old.

Selecting the Alerts link will bring up a list of the records that are overdue.

The following selections explain the criteria for a record to appear in the “Alerts” list of overdue records.


If Current Date:Time > (Start Date:Time + Duration) then Appointment = Overdue.


If Current Date > Reminder Date and Reminder Status is not completed, Reminder = Overdue.

Work Order

Work Orders have two distinct statuses in respect to Alerts that need to be considered: “In Progress” and “Overdue”.

In Progress

A Work Order that is “In Progress” is one that has a status of Dispatched, Working, or En Route.


If Current Date:Time > (Start Date:Time + Duration) and Status is Scheduled or Dispatched, WO = Overdue.

Phone Messages

If Current Date > Phone Message Date and status is not read, Phone Message = Overdue.

My Flat Rate Book

The “My Flat Rate Book” feature, accessible from the Dashboard, allows you to search and review Flat Rate Plus pricing codes added to your Total Office Manager database.

Clicking on any specific Flat Rate pricing code (or “Task) displays the labor and materials for that task.


The “More” option opens an extended list of menu options and features including Security, Settings, and Help to name a few. Many of these features are explained in greater detail in other sections of this manual.

Form Access

  • The Dashboard can easily be accessed from any form in Aptora Mobile by touching the “Home” button at the bottom left of the screen.

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