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Aptora Mobile II, a complement to our powerful field service management software Total Office Manager, is both an application and web browser based system. There is no special hardware or software needed other than an internet browser and internet connection. The content below will discuss Aptora Mobile II – Server/Browser Requirements.


Mobile Application

Aptora Mobile II is available for purchase from your device’s app store. The advantages to using the mobile application include the ability to track mobile devices via GPS, the use of the device’s camera for bar code scanning and credit card scanning.

Aptora Mobile II - Server/Browser Requirements
AMII Android (Google Play)
AMII Apple Store Platform
AMII Apple Store


Web Browser

All major browsers are compatible including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge. It is also compatible with mobile browsers those found on Android™, iPhone®, and Windows Phone® devices. Please be sure to keep these programs updated as this can affect performance and aren’t tied to Aptora Mobile II – Server/Browser requirements.

Aptora Mobile II – Browser and Device Requirements

Internet Browsers

We recommend that you use the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Safari.


There are too many devices to list. We recommend that you purchase devices that can update to the highest version of its respective operating system and that you keep that OS updated.

Aptora Mobile II – Server Requirements


It is recommended, though not required, that you use a stand-alone machine to run your Aptora Mobile II server. This machine should not have any users who actively use the machine for work. Whether you decide to use a stand-alone machine or install Aptora Mobile II on the same server hosting your Total Office Manager database, in order to get Aptora Mobile II ready to go, you must connect your Aptora Mobile II Server machine directly to your internet connection.

Typically, a business network will have a router in place. Some network environments may also have an intermingled mix consisting of several switches or routers in addition to a DSL or cable modem. Whatever your company’s setup is, you need to connect the Aptora Mobile II Server directly to one of the LAN ports on your router (or switch that connects directly to a router). This will allow the server computer to access the local intranet, and there by your Total Office Manager server, as well as the internet.

Server Specifications

Specification Minimum Recommended
Processor (CPU) 2GHz Multi-core server-grade processor
Hard Disk Space 4GB Available 20% or more of total disk space available
System RAM 4GB 6GB or more
Internet Information Server Version 21H1 (or latest) configured with personalized domain or sub-domain.
Web Domain Registered Domain (e.g. or Sub-Domain (e.g.
Public IP Address Static IP Address (i.e. provided by your ISP)
Secure Socket Layer Certificate from Trusted Authority (e.g., Verisign, etc.) assigned to the installed domain name.
Firewall/Router Configuration Port Forwarding configured for TCP ports 80 and 443.
Total Office Manager Latest Version

Operating System Capability

The following table lists the operating systems for the server intended to host Aptora Mobile II. Please keep in mind that the term “server” is being used loosely. Server simply refers to a host machine. Any computer that meets the requirements below can serve as your server.

Operating System Supported Editions Type
Windows Server 2019 64-bit Server
Windows Server 2016 64-bit Server
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Client

Aptora Mobile II – Server/Browser Requirements and Hardware

Aptora Mobile II – Server/Browser Requirements should also be linked to the individual’s device that is being used.

We recommend an Android-based device with an approximate 9-inch screen and data plan. Nothing larger is necessary but we feel like a seven-inch screen is a bit too small.

If you are a manager and you don’t use the mobile device all day long during the course of your job, you might find your smartphone is totally adequate. You may also feel that a heavy duty case is not essential for owners and managers.

Be sure the device you purchase is able to update to the latest operating system. Some devices cannot update to the latest OS, so be aware of that. Aptora reserves the right to require a certain OS version number. An example might be Credit Card capture. This feature requires Nougat 7.0 or higher. We cannot guarantee that new features will work on your device because that situation might be out of our control. We don’t like to recommend a specific device or model number because specifications change and it is so much a matter of taste.


We have great respect for Apple hardware and software. However, we do not recommend Apple mobile devices at this time. That is because the process of rewriting the software, getting it approved, and getting it into the Apple Store means that Apple hardware users are always going to be behind. A bug fix or a feature can be released to Android users immediately. The same process currently takes about one month for Apple users. This does not apply to the browser version of our mobile software.

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