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Invoices can be created directly from an estimate.  You can create an invoice for the entire estimate amount or you can create a partial invoice for progress billing or partial billing.  For example, you may have a job where you wish to invoice your client 50% of the total estimate.  Later, you could open the same estimate and invoice them another 50% (or whatever).

Form Access

  • From an Estimate, click Menu | Create | Invoice.

The “Create Progress Invoice Based On Estimate” form will appear.

Using this form, an invoice for the entire estimate can be created, or an invoice for a certain percentage of the entire estimate can be created by using the controls as described below:

  • Create invoice for the entire estimate – Total Office Manager creates a single invoice that covers the entire estimate. You can change it if needed.
  • Create invoice for a percentage of the entire estimate – Total Office Manager creates an invoice for the percentage you specify. You can always change the invoice once created.
  • % of – Enter the percentage of the original estimate amount in which to be invoiced.


  1.  Open the Estimate and click Menu > Create > Invoice.  The “Create Progress Invoice Based on Estimate” dialog box will appear.
  2. Read the field definitions above and select a creation method.
  3. Click OK to create the invoice.

More on Progress Invoicing

When progress invoicing, the newly created invoice will display additional information columns regarding the transaction.

These extra columns include:

  • Est Amt – The original line item amount, brought forward from the original estimate.
  • Prior Amt – Displays the total amount invoiced from all previous invoices.  This value does not include any amounts on the currently viewed invoice; only prior invoices.
  • Total % – Displays the total percentage invoiced thus far, INCLUDING the amount being invoiced on the currently viewed invoice.  The formula is

(Amount + Prior Amt) / Est Amt = Total %.


  • This process creates a standard invoice. Once created, you can modify the invoice any way you normally would.

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