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Build Custom Reports with the Custom Data View System

Custom Data Views (CDV) can be powerful tools that allow our programmers to add a variety of information to a single location for use by you. For example, if you wanted a list of Sales by Salesperson, shown by month, and grouped by job, we can add that for you. We can include a report that is fully editable (you can modify). As with other lists, you may filter, sort, print, or export to Excel.

Hire us to Create Custom Data Views and Reports

We can create just about anything for you. Please contact your Salesperson for details and pricing.

Hundreds of Free Examples

We have provided over 100 free examples with more being added as requested later on. The best way to learn about them is to experiment. To access the Custom Data Views, simply do the following:

How to Access Custom Data Views

  1. Login to Total Office Manager (as usual)
  2. From the main menu, please select the Reports Menu
  3. Select Custom Data Views (located at the bottom of the Reports Listing)
  4. Select the Data Views Menu
  5. Select the option to Download/Update Views
  6. From the List of available Data Views, you will see one that says Service Agreements. Check the box under the Update column next to the Service Agreements view.
  7. Select the option to Update Selected Views

Tips for Custom Data Views

  • Search help topics for “CDV”.
  • Once the above is completed, you will then be able to select your downloaded Data View(s) from the Data Views Menu.  Some of the views come with a sample report that can be modified, if desired.  You can preview a Sample Custom Data View report by selecting Reports | Setup.  When the Report Setup options appear, choose the option to <Add New> from the drop down.  This will enable you to view and/or manipulate the report layout.
  • Regular software updates do not include Custom Data Views. You must check for new data views and updates from the Custom Data View form.
  • You can usually double-click to open a record in the CDV list.
  • We add Custom Data Views on a regular basis. We also update existing ones as needed, so please be sure to check for updates often. To do this, simply follow step 5 (above).

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