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Custom reports have been added to Total Office Manager for ease in making Work Orders and reports that reflect your company more effectively.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, select Customers | Work Order List | Reports | Work Order Print Setup
  • The Work Order list allows creation of Custom Reports. To access Custom Reports, select Reports from the Work Order list menu, and then click on Work Order Print Setup.


These custom reports allow changes to be made to the background color, additions of logos or graphics, and font styles and sizes to be changed. The separate elements of the report can also be moved. Essentially, the Work Order template can be formatted in a way that best suits the company information.


  1. Select the arrow for the Custom Styles fly-out menu. The menu will display an <Add New> prompt. This is where you will name and store your custom report. If a custom template has already been created, you can choose that template or create a new one.
  2. Select <Add New> from the fly-out menu to create a new template. A Work Order template will appear in a new window.
The Custom Work Order template in “Design” view” – The left side of the custom template consists of a list of fields that can be manipulated, or customized (red arrow). The right side of the window displays the formatting commands for each component of the custom report (cyan arrow). The custom report template shows in the center pane.
  1. Choose the first section header and adjust that area of the Work Order, as needed.
  2. Scroll down and select subsequent headers and adjust by placing your cursor on the header until it becomes a double-arrowed cross. Click and drag the header to the preferred location.

Customizing a Work Order

This process is the same for invoices, statements, purchase orders, and Custom Data Views (CDV). Please see the following topic.

Custom Work Order