Divisions and Departments

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This topic will cover setting up, editing, deleting, and inactivating divisions and departments. This topic also covers the use of the department list.

The Department feature is very important to understand and use. It will be used to organize income, COGS, and allocate overhead by each division and that division’s department.


Use this form to create a department (AKA: Profit Centers) for your business. Examples may include Service, Installation, and Maintenance. You will find department selection lists throughout the software. It is very important that users setup default departments and select departments whenever possible.

Departments can be displayed on your income statement, transaction detail by account, and certain other reports. This allows you to better understand how your particular departments contribute to your company’s overall profit or loss. Departments are an essential part of our Contractor Compass™ dashboard system.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Company | Lists | Department List.

Creating a New Department

Create a new department as follows:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Department List and choose New Department from the pop-up menu.  The Add Department form will appear.
  2. Enter a title for the department in the “Department Name” field.
  3. Enter an alpha-numeric abbreviation for the department in the “Alias” field (3 characters max).  This field is required and may not be duplicated.  Example: SRV for Service.
  4. If the department is a “sub” or “child” of another existing department, choose the “parent” account from the “Subtype of” field.  For example, you may create a parent department called Service and two children called HVAC and Plumbing.
  5. If necessary, enter general notes about the department in the “Description” field.
  6. Click OK to save and close the form, Cancel to abort the action or Next to save and add another.

Field Definitions

Department Enter a description of the department. We recommend you keep it short. Example: Service or Installation.
Sub Type Of Select another account as a parent. For example, you may create a parent department called HVAC and Plumbing and two children called Demand Service and Maintenance.
Description Enter a full description of the department. Example: General repair and maintenance of HVAC equipment.
Alias Enter a four-character alias for this department. This field is required and may not be duplicated. Example: RSRV for Residential Service. You could also use numbers. Some reports use the alias as a header name.
Department is Inactive Check this box to inactivate the department. When inactive, the department is not deleted, it is only removed from selection lists.
OK Saves your changes and closes the form.
Cancel Closes the form without saving any changes that were not already saved.

Example of Division and Department Setup

This is EGIA’s and Aptora’s recommended divisions and departments list set up for the related companies shown.

Departments Example


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