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The Approval Sheet is designed to be used for a final review and subsequent approval of sales forms (usually invoices) before sending them to customers.  The report is quite powerful and unique in that it brings together elements not found in any other single report in a summary format.

One of the most prominent of these elements show on the report is actual labor cost.  As long as labor service items in timesheets are properly added to a customer’s reimbursables list and ultimately to their invoice, the report will include actual labor cost. This assumes that payroll has been processed to the point of checks being “Posted”.  Naturally, full labor costs are not calculated or even available for Approval Sheet use until payroll is processed.  Any labor cost on the Approval Sheet will appear as zero until payroll processing is performed.

Form Access

Approval Sheet Menu Option
Approval Sheet Menu Option

Field Definitions

Below is an example Approval Sheet Report (which may have been cropped and shrunk to conserve space). 

Approval Sheet PDF
Approval Report – PDF
  • Number – The number of the source sales form.
  • Agreement # – The serial number of the service agreement associated with the sale (if any).
  • PO # – The customer-supplied purchase order number, authorizing you to perform work.
  • Terms – The customer’s payment terms.
  • Due Date – The payment due date.
  • Sales Rep – The employee responsible for handling this customer account or individual sale.
  • WO # – Displays the work orders associated with this sale.

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