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The Journal Entries Report shows journal entries filtered by a date range; by a customer, vendor, or employee; by a particular COA account; or a combination thereof.


Below is an example report (which may have been cropped and shrunk to conserve space).

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Reports > Accounting > General Ledger > Journal Entries, or use the Report Navigator (see related topics).

Report Option Definitions

Date Filter Area

The following date filtering is available in this report.

  • Date Range – Choose from a pre-defined range of time-frames from the “Date Range” drop-down list, or enter a custom range using the “From” and “To” fields.

Other Filtering

The following general filters are available in this report.

  • Select Customer/Vendor/Employee – To filter the report by a particular customer, a particular vendor, or a particular employee, select one from this drop-down list.
  • Select Account – To filter the report by a particular COA account, select one from this drop-down list.

Sort Options

  • Sort Options – Up to two separate sorting options can be set.  Each one can be set in either ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) order.  If all are set, they work concurrently.  The top sort field is the first field by which the report is sorted, then the bottom sort field is applied within the results of the first sort.

Other Controls

  • Detailed – When this checkbox is ticked, the report is displayed with extra information.  When un-ticked, the report is displayed in a summary fashion, having one journal entry per line.
  • Cancel – The Cancel button closes the window.
  • Preview – The Preview button will show an on-screen display of the report, from which a hard-copy can be printed.  The preview screen is also capable exporting the report in a PDF format for email use.  A text search function in the preview screen can be used to locate a particular string of text.
  • Close Window on Preview – Ticking this checkbox will have the options window automatically close when the Preview button is clicked.

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