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Located under the Report menu, the Financials – Budget Report displays in report form the data from a previously prepared budget.  In short, a budget is a set of financial statements for a future time period.  It is used to predict a company’s financial position for that period.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Reports | Financials | Budget, or use the Report Navigator.

Report File Path

Report Options

Budget Report Options
  • Budget – Select a budget from this drop-down list.  Budgets which appear in the list have been created previously.  See the related topic, “Budgets” for more info on creating budgets.
  • Include Zero Amounts – Displays all report components, even if they have an amount of zero.
  • Split by Month – Causes the report to be broken down by month (ie: a “month-by-month” version).
  • Cancel – The Cancel button closes the window.
  • Preview – The Preview button will show an on-screen display of the report, from which a hard-copy can be printed.  The preview screen is also capable of exporting the report in a PDF format for email use.  A text search function in the preview screen can be used to locate a particular string of text.
  • Close Window on Preview – Ticking this checkbox will have the options window automatically close when the Preview button is clicked.

Example of Financial – Budget Report

Below is an example report (which may have been cropped and shrunk to conserve space).

Sample Budget Report
Sample Budget Report


When examining your company’s income statement, you have the option of including a budget for comparison.

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