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Payroll Item Detailed History Report

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This report shows transactions that you made to a specific item or group of items in payroll.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Reports | Payroll | Payroll Item Detailed Summary, or use the Report Navigator.

Report Options

Date Filtering

  • Date Filter – Tick this checkbox to enable date-driven filtering.
  • Date Range – Select from a variety of common date ranges from which to filter.
  • From _____ To _____ – Setup a custom date range filter by entering the beginning date in the “From” field, and the ending date in the “To” field.

Additional Filtering

  • Employee – Used to filter the report by a particular employee.
  • Payroll Item/Item Type – In this grid, tick each item to be included in the report.  To include every item tick the <All> checkbox only.

Additional Report Options

  • Show paycheck reductions only. Skip adjustments, liability payments, etc. – Tick this checkbox to have the report display paycheck reductions, but not adjustments or liability payments or similar items..
  • Show Liability Checks only – Tick this checkbox to have the report display liability checks only.

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