This section contains topics related to journal entries, deposits, checks, credit cards, account registers, reconciliations, etc.

Chart of Accounts – Numbering Convention

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Introduction A standard chart of accounts is organized according to a numerical system. Chart of Accounts - Numbering Convention states that each major category will begin with a certain number, and then the sub-categories within that major category will all begin with the same number. If assets are classified by numbers starting with the digit

Chart of Accounts – Account Types

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Introduction This article explains the use of Chart of Accounts - Account Types. Here, various account types are defined and explained. This topic may be helpful if you are setting up accounting software or want to learn more about the chart of accounts and accounting. Chart of Accounts Your company's chart of accounts is a

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Set up a Loan or Line of Credit

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Introduction A small business may choose to use a line of credit to cover short term cash shortages. Lines of credit can take many forms. Generally, a company makes a request to borrow money against its line of credit via fax or email. The money is then electronically deposited into the company's bank account. The

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How to Import Service Agreements

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Importing Customer Service Agreements The Total Office Manager import system includes two great import options called “Import Bills/Credits” and “Import Item Receipts”. This system will import all the required information to create a fully completed service agreement. Import Warning It can be dangerous to import financial transactions. Be very careful with who you allow to

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How to Install and Use Contractor Compass Dashboards

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Dashboard Introduction Contractor Compass is a set of dashboards designed to offer business owners unparalleled insight into their business. These super dashboards are powered by EGIA Contractor University. By that, we mean they closely follow the recommendations and best practices taught by the teaching faculty at EGIA. That faculty includes Aptora’s president, James R. Leichter.

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Positive Pay

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Introduction Total Office Manager does provide a file to support the Positive Pay standard which helps reduce fraud and theft. This standard is a requirement of some banks. By submitting a Positive Pay file to your bank, this helps the bank prevent check fraud by examining questionable checks submitted for payment from your account and then determining

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Adjusting Journal Entries

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Introduction This advanced topic explains Journal Entries. They are also known as Adjusting Journal Entries or AJE for short. In traditional accounting, a record of a transaction in which the total amount in the Debit column equals the total amount in the Credit column, and each amount is assigned to an account on the chart

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EnerBank USA Financing Setup and Usage

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Introduction EnerBankUSA offers bank financing for home remodeling projects. Aptora Mobile II has an interface with its system for both their mobile app and their website. EnerBank USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CMS Energy Corp. (NYSE: CMS). EnerBank USA is a registered trademark of CMS Capital Corp. Aptora is not legally affiliated with EnerBank

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Chart of Accounts List

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Introduction The Chart of Accounts List is used to manage your financial accounts. Accounts are used to record and summarize the increases, decreases, and balances of each asset, liability and owner's equity items (like accounts receivable, accounts payable, and retained earnings).  Financial accounts track your business transactions. New accounts may need to be created as

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Entering Credit Card Charges

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Introduction This topic will cover entering, editing, and deleting credit card charges. Usage Enter a charge for purchases you track through expense accounts and for the following types of items: non-inventory part, service, and other charge. If you are using purchase orders in Total Office Manager to order inventory, enter charges for inventory part items

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