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The Bill History Form provides the user a view of a specific credit, check, and discount information for review within Total Office Manager. This is a useful way to view payment history associated with a specific bill.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Vendors | Bill List. Then, right click on a specific bill and choose History from the pop-up menu.

Bill List History Pop-Up Menu
Bill List History Pop-Up Menu

Usage of Bill History Form

To view and access the transaction(s) in the Bill History, double-click on the line item. Then, the corresponding payment will appear for review.

Field & Button Definitions of Bill History Form


  • Date – Date of the payment.
  • Number – Check number assigned or a ‘To Print’ status will be reflected.
  • Type – The transaction type of the payment. May be check, credit card, and/or journal entry.
  • Discount Date – Date of the discount (if applicable).
  • Discount Amount- Amount of the discount applied to the bill payment.
  • Discount Account – The chart of account associated with the discount.
  • Date Applied – Date the payment was applied to the bill.
  • Exit – The Exit button is used to close the form.

Note: You may need to expand the columns and use the scroll bar to reference each column in detail.

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