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The Under Preferences – Appointments is where users setup various appointment and scheduling options. Within this preference, there is a ‘My Preference’ option only to configure within Total Office Manager.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Edit | Preferences or

Preferences File Path
Preferences File Path
  • From the toolbar, click the Preferences button.

Preferences Toolbar
Preferences Toolbar

Field & Button Definitions – Preferences – Appointments

My Preferences

Appointments - My Preference
Appointments – My Preference
  • Default Appointment Duration – When creating a new appointment, this setting defines (in minutes) the proposed length of the appointment. The actual appointment time can be adjusted if different from the proposed time. As a My Preference, this can be adjusted to the individual whose primary task is to schedule and dispatch appointments for users.
  • Default Type – After creating various Appointment Types in the program, a default appointment type can be selected here. The default appointment type will be proposed on all new appointments.
  • Use Scheduling Conflict Checking – Ticking this checkbox to enables the feature. When enabled, a warning will appear when scheduling work orders and/or appointments which overlap with each other. This is a key feature for Preferences – Appointments.
  • Schedule Board Options – Opens the form used to control various options pertaining to the old schedule board only. This form can also be accessed directly from the schedule board itself.

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