Customers & Accounts Receivable

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Sales Opportunity Manager (SOM)

Manage Sales Opportunities and Sales Leads The Sales Opportunity Manager (SOM) is an integrated part of Total Office Manager and its overall Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. SOM allows you to enter and track sales leads. You can set up product lists, sales closure probability lists, qualifications lists, and Sales process stages. Form Access From …

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Gateway Settings for Bambora (Canada Only)

Activate the New System   Click Edit > Preferences > Customer Payment > Company Preferences. Check the “Use Gateway Payment Profiles” checkbox.   Do not click the Batch Convert button at this point. This will be covered later.   Create a Bambora Merchant Account   Bambora  If needed, create a new account by logging into   You will need the following information …

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Customer:Job Form – Tax Info Tab

Introduction The Customer:Job Form – Tax Info Tab is used to store a variety of tax information regarding the customer. Form Access From the main menu, click Customers | New Customer:Job, or From the toolbar, click the New Customer:Job button. Customer:Job Form – Tax Info Tab – Field & Button Definitions Sales Tax Information –  …

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Electronic Transactions – Checks (ACH)

Introduction Electronic Transactions – Checks (ACH) in Total Office Manager allows you to accept Checks as payment and get those payments authorized using an internet connection. Setting up or changing processors may be required before Total Office Manager can accept Electronic Checks. The topic assumes that the Electronic Transactions – Gateway Setup has been completed. …

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Pick Ticket Sheet

Using the Pick Ticket Sheet (aka: Pull Sheet) The pick ticket feature consists of a report that may be printed from the Estimate form. The idea is that a sales person would create a comprehensive estimate that contains all of the various equipment, materials, and technical notes required to complete a sale. This sale may …

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Electronic Transactions – Gateway Setup

Introduction This help topic explains how Electronic Transactions – Gateway Setup is completed on Total Office Manager.  This feature allows you to accept Checks and Credit Cards as customer payment and get those payments authorized using an internet connection.  Setting up or changing processors may be required before Total Office Manager can accept payment. Requirements …

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Customer:Job – Title List

Introduction Customer:Jobs – Title List is where titles specific to individuals listed under that particular category. To think of it one way, these “Titles” refer to their position at an organization. A title would be something like ‘Homeowner’ or ‘Site Manager’ depending upon the job role of that individual. The use of Titles is not …

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AIA Billing Overview

What is AIA Billing? AIA billing is a standardized method of construction billing using a percentage of completed contract method (IE: Progress Billing). The purpose of AIA billing was to standardize the job related paperwork sent to architects and others by contractors. The AIA billing system was developed by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in …

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AIA Billing – Usage

Introduction There are many methods to complete AIA Billing in the contracting industry.  While each of those methods may vary from one Contractor to another, Total Office Manager has integrated this process to work based on data that is entered into the software. Many Contractors are used to filling out the AIA Payment Application then entering …

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