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How to Set Up Credit Card Gateways

This help topic explains how Electronic Transactions – Gateway Setup is completed on Total Office Manager.  This feature allows you to accept Checks and Credit Cards as customer payment and get those payments authorized using an internet connection.  Setting up or changing processors may be required before Total Office Manager can accept payment.

Requirements for a Credit Card Gateway

You will need the following before this feature will work for you:

  1. A Merchant Account
    • This usually includes a payment gateway and processor.
    • Total Office Manager cannot provide this for you.
  2. Constant Internet connection like cable or DSL.
    • Modems will not work with Total Office Manager.
    • The internet connection must be “always on”.
  3. A Card Not Present Gateway or Card Present Gateway account with will need to be established.
    • If you do both over the counter sales along with on-site sales then you may need both Gateway Account types.
    • If you have questions about obtaining a payment Gateway please contact at 801-492-6507 for a dedicated representative or 866-437-0476 for the main sales line.
    • Please be sure to mention that you are working with a reseller and already have our link to the online application. – Payment Gateway Application

To apply for a Payment Gateway through, please read through the additional instructions and then click this link to complete.

  • After clicking the link, you will be taken to the online application home page. Before you can access the application, you will need to create an account by clicking the Create Login ID button. Enter your email address and create a password. Once you are finished, click Login Now. You will be taken back to the online application home page where you can then sign in and begin the application process.
  • During the application process, you will need to either sign up for a merchant account, or provide specific information on your existing merchant account.
    • If you need help finding this information, please call your assigned sales representative.
  • If you have questions regarding any page or section of the application, please click the Help link located in the upper right hand corner of any application page. These help files are extremely useful and should answer any questions you have.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Customers | Electronic Transaction | Gateway List.
Gateway List File Path
Gateway List File Path


  1. To add a new payment gateway, click the button to Add New.
  2. Enter your login information as supplied by
Gateway List
Electronic Transactions – Gateway Setup

Field and Button Definitions

New Gateway Form
New Gateway Form
  • Name – The gateway you use to connect to the credit card processor that authorizes the transaction. Your bank will give you this information when you apply for a Merchant Account. 
  • Transaction Key – Provided by your Gateway or Merchant Account Bank. This is case sensitive.
  • Login ID – Like a user name, this information is provided by your Gateway or Merchant Account Bank. It is case sensitive.
  • Bank Account – The bank account you want the Credit Card transactions to be deposited to once they are approved.
  • Notes – Just FYI and not required.
  • Display Info on CC Transaction Form – When checked, the CC Processor Transaction Key and Login ID will be seen by Total Office Manager users.
  • Test Mode – When checked, transactions will not actually be authorized.  No money will actually be exchanged.  Useful for training purposes.  Credit Card processes are simulated without the actual card being charged.   Use this function with caution. (While credit card’s aren’t actually processed, payments ARE processed for the Invoices, affecting A/R)
  • Gateway Web Address – The web address of your Payment Gateway.  Total Office Manager works with for the gateway.
  • Go – The Go button takes you to the website of the Gateway above.

Gateway Preferences

You will need to go select a default gateway in your company preferences. This can be found in Edit | Preferences | Company | Company Preference. Then navigate to the Credit Card Options sections and select the default gateway you wish to use.

Default Gateway Preference
Default Gateway Preference


Your first step is to setup your payment gateway. This is the internet host that handles your credit card transaction.

  1. From the main menu, click Customer | Electronic Transaction | Gateway List. The “Gateway List” list will open.
  2. In the “Gateway List”, click the Add New button to create a new Credit Card Gateway.
  3. For the Gateway type, select the option that correlates with your processor.
    • This will be either or EnerBankUSA Financing.
    • If you don’t see your gateway, we may not currently support them.
      • Please contact for more information.
  4. Enter a name for the gateway you are setting up.
  5. Enter your Transaction Key and Login ID.
    • This information is provided by your bank/ processor.
    • This information should be on your credit card processor paperwork and can sometimes be found directly online through your merchant portal.
    • You may need to contact your CC processor to get this information.
  6. Select the Default ECheck Type.
  7. Select the Total Office Manager bank account that the credit card funds are be deposited to.
    • When you setup your merchant account, the application would have asked you for the bank account name and account number.
      • This is what you are selecting in Total Office Manager.
      • You may also select to group these payments with the other Un-Deposited Funds.
  8. Enter any notes or comments in the Notes field. This is not required.
  9. Check the Display Info of the Credit Card Transaction Form check box if you wish for this information to be displayed to other Total Office Manager users when they are processing credit card payments. You can always change this setting later.
  10. You can enter a Gateway Web Address if you wish. This step is not mandatory but may be helpful.

Credit Card Processors

United States

There are many credit card processors in the USA.  Many software programs force you to use theirs and to pay their fees.  We do not wish to force you to use credit card processor.  That’s why we will work with your current processor to integrate their technology into Total Office Manager.  This service is generally free.  The only thing we require is that your processor cooperate with us.  Obviously, we don’t have full control over what they will and will not do for us.

If you do decide to use ours, we can provide you with a higher level of support and advice.  Our processor is very competitively priced.  Please call us (913-322-4666) if you need for more information.

Total Office Manager and Aptora Mobile II utilize the payment gateway of Celero and in the USA and Bambora in Canada.  You must have one of these payment gateway accounts in order to process credit cards in the desktop or field.  Please speak with your merchant to obtain one of these accounts.

If you are in the USA, you may contact Celero to acquire a merchant account and an gateway account.  Please contact them at (847) 655-1355 and let them know you are using Aptora products and would like to obtain an account. We recommend Celero. Celero offers merchant services and has been able to save money for many customers switching to their services.


If you are in Canada, you may contact Bambora at 888-472-2072 to inquire about gateway services.  You may read more about setting up the Bambora settings here:

Common Terms Used

Processor (AKA: Credit Card Processor)

A third party vendor who will process the Credit Card payments submitted through Total Office Manager.

Merchant Account

A written, commercial bank account established by a contractual agreement between a merchant/business and a bank and/or a payment gateway. The agreement contains the respective rights, warranties, and duties with respect to accepting bankcards like Visa or MasterCard. You must apply for this account directly from your bank, or from the Payment Processor.

Payment Gateway

A combination of software and hardware that provides an interface to a bank card processing network.

Gateway Web Address

The web address of a web based payment gateway.

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