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Activate the New System  

Click Edit > Preferences > Customer Payment > Company Preferences. Check the “Use Gateway Payment Profiles” checkbox.   

Do not click the Batch Convert button at this point. This will be covered later.  

Create a Bambora Merchant Account  


  1. If needed, create a new account by logging into 
  2. You will need the following information from your account. 
  3. Merchant ID 
  4. Payment API Access Passcode 
  5. Profile API Access Passcode 

Copy Merchant ID and Admin API Access Passcode  

  1. In the upper right of the page you will see your Merchant ID. Make a note of it. You will need it.  
  2. Navigate to: Configuration > Payment Profile Configuration. Under Security Settings, locate API Access Passcode. If there is no code, click the Generate New Code button. Copy the API access passcode.  
  3. Obtain Payment Profile API Access Passcode  
  4. From the upper right of Bambora’s web page, click Administration > Account Settings > Order Settings.  
  5. Under Payment Gateway > Security/Authentication, locate the “API Access Passcode” field.  
  6. If there is no number, click the Generate New Code button.  
  7. Copy that code.  

Create Gateway in Total Office Manager 

  1. You will need to create a new Gateway. Go to Customer > Electronic Transaction > Electronic Transaction List  
  2. Click Add New  
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for your Gateway. Example: Bambora Gateway  
  4. Enter the Merchant ID into Merchant ID field.  
  5. In the User Name and Passwords fields, enter your Bambora website user name and password.  
  6. Enter the Admin API Access Passcode into the Profile Passcode field.  
  7. Enter the Payment Profile API Access Passcode into the API Access Passcode field. Tester’s Note: The field might be called Payment Passcode when you test this. We are renaming it to API Access Passcode” for clarity.  
  8. Click Save. The form will close.  

Tip: Bambora’s website can be confusing regarding terminology. Be extra careful when copying and entering the API passcodes. There are two different API passcodes that have the same field name but different locations.  


Add a Payment Profile 

Locate the customer you wish to use and open the Customer:Job form to edit. 

Click the Manage Credit Card Profiles button. 

Select a Gateway and click the OK button. The New Customer Profile form will open. 

Enter a credit card number and other information as needed. We recommend that all fields be filled out including the CVC number. Remember, this number and the rest of the credit card information will not be saved. It will be converted into safe and secure token. 


Processing a Credit Card Using a Profile 

From the Receive Payments form, click the E Pay button. 

 448534XXXXXX1891 Visa 

Please Note: The Batch Token Conversion ignores expired credit cards. 

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