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Point of Sale (POS) – Setup

Introduction Point of Sales (POS) is a Premium feature within Total Office Manager. To purchase this feature along with Hardware needed, please contact your Sales Representative. POS will give you the ability to do “Retail” Sales with credit card processing to be used with a card present gateway, card swipe, and cash drawer. A card …

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Point of Sale (POS) – Usage

Introduction Point of Sale is a Premium Feature in Total Office Manager. For information about purchase and hardware, please contact your sales representative. Before proceeding with the use of the POS feature please be sure you have read the help topic on Point of Sale-Setup and Receive Payments. The Point of Sale functions works on …

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Creating and Using a Warranty Reserve

A warranty reserve is money that is set aside to pay for warranty claims made by your customers against your products or service. The money you set aside is known as a contingent liability. It appears on your balance sheet. Each time you make a sale, you increase that liability. Every time you incur a warranty cost, you lower that liability.

Handling Core Charges and Returns

Core Charges Defined A “core” is a used and non-functioning part that can be recycled and sold as a remanufactured part. Some of the recyclable parts that manufacturers consider core parts are water pumps, motors, circuit boards, certain air conditioning compressors, and more. The return of core parts to the manufacturers lowers the cost of …

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EnerBank USA Financing Setup and Usage

Introduction EnerBankUSA offers bank financing for home remodeling projects. Aptora Mobile II has an interface with its system for both their mobile app and their website. EnerBank USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CMS Energy Corp. (NYSE: CMS). EnerBank USA is a registered trademark of CMS Capital Corp. Aptora is not legally affiliated with EnerBank …

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Aptora Mobile II – Add Customer:Jobs

Introduction The Aptora Mobile II – Add Customer:Jobs has been designed to include corresponding tabs displayed on the “Customer” form in Total Office Manager. These data view options are displayed across the “Customer:Add” field on the “Customer” form. When completing information for the first time, click the “Add” button in the upper right corner to …

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