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Point of Sales (POS) is a Premium feature within Total Office Manager. To purchase this feature along with Hardware needed, please contact your Sales Representative. POS will give you the ability to do “Retail” Sales with credit card processing to be used with a card present gateway, card swipe, and cash drawer. A card present gateway must be obtained from before this feature can be used.

Turn on POS:

  1. Speak with Sales Representative about purchase and Hardware needed.
  2. From the main menu, click Help | Premium Features | Activate POS Light

Cash Drawer Setup:

If you are doing Retail or Over the Counter purchases a Cash Drawer can be used to keep track of funds.

If you received the cash drawer from Aptora please follow these steps:

  1. Plug in the cash drawer and ensure the hardware is properly connected to the computer.
  2. A new Bank Account will need to be setup to be used as the Default Deposit to Account on all POS Transactions. It is recommended to create a new Bank Account called Cash Drawer.
  3. If you are using a Cash Drawer it is highly recommend to setup a Bank Account for each drawer. Setting up a Bank Account will allow you to reconcile the funds in the drawer and transfer them to your actual Bank Account.
  4. Banking | Chart of Accounts List | Right Click | New Account.
  5. Type = Bank

Card Swipe Setup:

If you are using a Credit Card swipe to process Customer charges please follow these steps.

  1. Plug Card Swipe into computer
  2. Ensure that you have setup a Card Present account with

Bar Code Reader Setup:

  1. If you are doing Retail or Counter sales you may want to purchase a Bar Code scanner to scan items you are selling.
  2. Plug device into computer.
  3. Open MS Word and scan any item to test Scanner. If bar code or Numbers appear on the word document the Bar Code reader is working.

Gateway Setup:

A new Card Present Gateway must be setup. Please follow these steps to setup:

  1. Go to Customers| Electronic Transaction| Gateway List and click the Add New button.
  2. The information needed to properly fill this form out should have been received from If you have multiple Gateways (Card Present and Card Not Present) you may want to specify the type within the Name field.
  3. A default Bank Account will also need to be selected on the Gateway. This will be used for Credit Card Transactions only. Cash or Check Transactions will use a different bank account preference.

Customer Setup:

It is recommended but not required to setup a new Customer:Job account for “Cash Customers” or “Retail Sales”. All cash sales will then be stored under one Customer:Job account.

  1. Customers| New Customer:Job. A default Department can also be assigned to the Customer:Job within the Additional Info tab of the Customer’s account.

Payment Method Setup:

New Payment Method Types may need to be setup. The Payment Method Type is very important as it makes the POS system perform in a certain way.

  1. A Payment Method Payment Type of Cash, Check and Authorize CC are the payment methods needed for POS.
  2. To access existing Payment Methods or create a new Payment Method, go to Customers| Lists| Payment Method List.
  3. To create a new Payment Method right click and select New Payment Method.
  4. The Payment Method called Authorize CC will automatically be created by Total Office Manager as it is a system created Payment Method.

User Setup:

If you have Retail or Counter Sales and multiple people access the computer to do sales you may want to setup a generic “Retail” User to set preferences and security options.

  1. Employees | Employee List | Right Click | New Employee (name and alias are only required fields)
  2. Company | User List/Security – Setup permissions for the generic user
  3. Be sure you are logged in as this user when setting up Preferences and Invoice printing below.

Print Setup:

  1. If you are going to print Sales/Invoices be sure you set these up.
  2. Customers | Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List

  3. Reports | Invoice Print Setup

  4. You can either select a default style or create your own Custom Style
  5. Be sure to save your settings for each user.

Preference Settings:

The following User Preferences must be setup to use the POS functions.

  1. Enable POS by going to Edit| Preferences| POS| My Preferences (Tab). This is a user preference within the software. Multiple users can use POS at once but every user must enable the preference setting.
  2. Select a default Customer:Job (if one was created to be used specifically for Cash Sales tracking.) Leave Blank if you will select Customer:Job each time.
  3.  The Cash Drawer Port will need to be entered into the field provided. You may click the Test Drawer button to test opening the drawer as long as the software is installed, the drawer is plugged in and the correct Port Number is entered.
  4. Select Default Deposit Bank Account. Select the new Bank Account created called “Cash Drawer”.

The Cash Drawer Bank Account will only be used for Cash or Check Transactions. Credit Card Transactions will use the Bank Account selection on the Gateway Setup form.


Additional POS Preferences must be enabled within the Company Preferences Tab. The Administrator must setup this information.

  1. Within Edit| Preferences| POS | Company Preferences (Tab)
  2. Select the new POS Gateway that was created.

Note: If both a Card Present and Card Not Present Gateway exist in the software, an additional Preference Setting will be required.

  1. To fill out the Preference for a Card Not Present Gateway the Administrator will need be logged in.
  2. Go to Edit| Preferences| Company| Company Preferences (Tab)
  3. Set the Default Gateway for Card Not Present. This will be used on all Receive Payment Transactions only.
    • Using regular E-Pay on Sales or Credits will require the Gateway to be manually changed within the drop down on the E-Transaction form before processing the credit card.


Once you have setup the previous information you are ready to start processing transactions. Please processed to Point of Sale – Usage.

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