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This topic will cover Total Office Manager’s keyboard shortcuts.

All available shortcuts can be viewed in Total Office Manager on their respective list, form, or feature with the shortcut listed next to it as listed below.

Additional shortcuts to a specific menu option, form, list, or button will be underlined. For example, the shortcut to open the Banking menu will appear as such Banking. This indicates that the shortcut can be accessed using the B key. Shortcuts identified in this manner are accessed using the ALT key in addition to whatever letter is underlined (e.g. ALT+B).

Turning On Keyboard Shortcuts

If underlined shortcuts do not appear in Total Office Manager you many need to alter your Windows settings. Please use the following information to locate and toggle the preference to change the visibility of underlined shortcuts.

Note: These types of shortcuts are not specific to Total Office Manager and may appear in any application. The preference mentioned controls visibility for all programs running in Windows.


Use these keyboard shortcuts to help speed up form access or reduce the need for a mouse.

List of all Shortcuts Available

Command Form Visual
Ctrl+W Write Check
Ctrl+I Create Invoice
Ctrl+J Customer:Job
Ctrl+F Advanced Search
Ctrl+T Timesheet
Shft+F2 Print Window (prints the form that has focus)
Shft+F3 Print Screen (prints the current screen)
Ctrl+S Enter Sales Receipts
Ctrl+P Receive Payments
Ctrl+M New Phone Message
Ctrl+D Make Deposit
Ctrl+E Estimate
Ctrl+A Appointment
Ctrl+O Work Order Work Order Shortcut
Ctrl+B Enter Bills
Ctrl+U Update (Check for Enhancements)
Ctrl+R Receive Items
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Z Undo Typing


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