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Customer Equipment & Service Agreements

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Service Agreements – Planned Maintenance Utility

Creating Planned Maintenance Work Orders for Service Agreements The Planned Maintenance form is used to create all of the planned work orders for a service agreement.  It proposes work orders based on information brought forward from the “Add/Edit  Service Agreement” form. This utility makes it easy to generate the planned maintenance visits before closing the “Add […]

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Full-Service Contracts/Agreements (FSC’s)

Understanding Full-Service Contracts (all-inclusive service agreements) A Full-Service Contract (FSC) is like an insurance policy for customer equipment, whereby the equipment is “covered” by a service company against breakdown.  Customers typically pay a monthly “premium” for this coverage.  In return, repairs to any covered equipment are performed at no additional charge (or perhaps no charge

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Equipment Type List

Using Equipment Types to Organize and Classify Equipment The Equipment Type List form allows you to categorize and classify different equipment titles within Total Office Manager. Examples include A/C Unit, Gas Furnace, Electric Furnace, Gas Water Heater, Electric Water Heater, Packaged/RTU (HVAC). Equipment Type Form Access From the main menu, click Customers | Lists |

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Customer Equipment List

Using the Customer Equipment List The Customer Equipment List is used to manage the records of customer equipment on file.  This list can and should include all of your customers equipment, whether or not they bought it from you. This way, as you track the age of your customer’s equipment, marketing efforts can be made

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