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The Customer:Job Form – Address Info Tab is where basic contact information for a customer is recorded.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Customers | New Customer:Job, or

  • From the toolbar, click the New Customer:Job button.

Field and Button Definitions

  • Company Name – Enter the company name the customer does business under, if applicable.
  • Parent (if used) – This is only available when you have created a “child” or job. This selection is the parent of the child (or job). You can change the parent if needed. Simply select a new parent.
  • Mr./Mrs./ – (Optional) Enter if you use these types of titles with your customers.
  • First Name – Enter the first name of the customer.
  • M.I. – Enter the middle initial of the customer, if applicable.
  • Last Name – Enter the last name of the customer.
  • Pronounced – Enter the phonetic pronunciation of a difficult customer name.  For instance, if the customer’s name was “Leichter”, you might enter “Liked-Her” in the Pronounced field.
  • Has SA? – This field indicates if the customer has a service agreement of any kind on file and current. Current means that the agreement has not expired.
  • Bill To Address – Enter the street address where the customer wants the bill sent to.
  • Address 2 – Enter the secondary address or the apartment number or building number.
  • City – Enter the city the customer resides in.
  • State/Province – Enter the State or Province the customer resides in.
  • Zip/Postal – Enter the zip code or postal code for the customer. If you don’t know the code, use the Find button to the left of the zip code field.
  • Country – (Optional) Enter the Country the customer resides in.
  • Work Address – Enter the address of where the service is to be performed (or where the product is to be shipped). Note: By clicking on the icon of the white piece of paper (to the right of the Address field) all the Bill To Address information will be transferred to the Ship To Address, if the Bill To and Ship To are the same. Information is automatically copied from the Bill To fields to the Work Address fields if that preference is activated in the Preferences form.
  • Contact – Enter the contact name for the customer.
  • Phone/Ext – Enter the customer’s phone number and the extension if applicable.
  • Pager Number – Enter the customer’s pager number if applicable.
  • Pager-Pin – Enter the customer’s pager-pin number if applicable.
  • Fax – Enter the customer’s fax number if applicable.
  • Alt. Ph. – Enter an alternate phone number if applicable.
  • Cell Phone – Enter the customer’s cell Phone number if applicable.
  • Alt. Contact – Enter the name of the alternate contact.
  • E-mail – Enter customer’s e-mail address if applicable.
  • Website – Enter customer’s website address if applicable.
  • Latitude – Total Office Manager displays this information for mapping purposes. The actual definition is “the angular distance between an imaginary line around a heavenly body parallel to its equator and the equator itself”.
  • Longitude – Total Office Manager displays this information for mapping purposes. The actual definition is “meridian: an imaginary great circle on the surface of the earth passing through the north and south poles at right angles to the equator; “all points on the same meridian have the same longitude”.
  • Map Code – Enter up to 35 alpha numeric characters to describe the position of this location on a map. Some companies give their employees maps that contain codes or grids (like H4).

Important Tip – Checking for Duplicate Names

When entering a new customer, enter the name only, then immediately save to see if a duplicate exists (just click Menu > Save).  If the save is successful, enter the remaining info.

  • If the save is not successful, compare the new name, contact, phone number, address, and any other relevant data to confirm it is not a duplicate of the existing entry.
  • If it is truly is a new customer, consider adding the state abbreviation to the end of the Customer Name field.
  • Alternatively, consider adding extra spaces along with other characters to the end of Customer Name field to make it unique.  Then you will be able to save the entry.

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