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Customer mailing labels are easily produced.  The labels are actually just another report in the program.


Below is an example report (which may have been cropped and shrunk to conserve space).

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Reports > Labels > Mailing Labels:Customers:Job, or use the Report Navigator (see related topics).

Report Options

Label Type Area

  • Label Type – Customer types, like residential or commercial for example, can be created using the Customer Types List.  Then the “Type” field on the Additional Info tab of a Customer:Job form can then be used to classify a customer by one of those types.  To filter mailing labels by a particular one of these customer types, select one from this drop-down list.  (For more info, see the related topics, “Customer Type List” and “Customer:Job Form – Additional Info Tab”)
  • Use Shipping Address – Tick this checkbox to use the shipping address instead of the billing address on the labels.

Label Options Area

In addition to the required mailing address, up to three additional lines may be added to the label.  These are self-explanatory; their source being from the Address Info tab of the Customer:Job form (see the related topic, “Customer:Job Form – Address Info Tab” for more info).  Simply tick the checkbox for each additional line to add to the mailing labels.  The available lines are:

  • Include Company Name
  • Include Customer Name
  • Include First | Middle | Last Name
  • Include Contact

Sort Options

  • Sort Options – Up to two separate sorting options can be set.  Each one can be set in either ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) order.  If all are set, they work concurrently.  The top sort field is the first field by which the report is sorted, then the bottom sort field is applied within the results of the first sort.

Print Direction

One of two print directions are available.  Click the appropriate radio button to select which method to use.

  • Across Then Down – Prints the labels from left to right, row by row from top to bottom.
  • Down Then Across – Prints the labels from top to bottom, column by column from left to right.

Other Controls

  • Cancel – The Cancel button closes the window.
  • Preview – The Preview button will show an on-screen display of the report, from which a hard-copy can be printed.  The preview screen is also capable exporting the report in a PDF format for email use.  A text search function in the preview screen can be used to locate a particular string of text.
  • Close Window on Preview – Ticking this checkbox will have the options window automatically close when the Preview button is clicked.

Label Stock

Item labels are designed to print on Avery brand #8160 labels (or equivalent) which are 1″ x 2-5/8″ in size, having 30 labels per sheet in a 3-column by 10-row layout.  Most other labels, such as removable/re-stickable labels, will also work as long as the label size and layout is the same as the Avery 8160 product.

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