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Using Payroll Time Sheets

Introducing Time Sheets for Labor Tracking Time Sheets are one way of telling Total Office Manager how to calculate an employee’s pay. In the employee payroll items you can tell Total Office Manager to calculate an employee’s hours via time sheet or not. Enabling time sheets forces the payroll administrator to add the time to …

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Sales Commission Tracking

Introduction to Sales Commission Methods Sales and Invoices include a Sales Commission Tracking form where employees are selected to receive a commission. Commissions are calculated by selecting employees on Sales/Invoices and using pre-defined calculation methods. When processing payroll, these employees and their commissions are selected and may be edited or changed prior to the creation …

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W-2 Processing

Introduction Each year the Federal government requires that the employer send a W-2 Form to each employee that received wages for the previous year. Total Office Manager allows you generate W-2 Forms quickly and easily. It also gives you the ability to add any special items that Total Office Manager does not automatically include. Who …

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How to Import Service Agreements

Importing Customer Service Agreements The Total Office Manager import system includes two great import options called “Import Bills/Credits” and “Import Item Receipts”. This system will import all the required information to create a fully completed service agreement. Import Warning It can be dangerous to import financial transactions. Be very careful with who you allow to …

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Introduction This topic will cover setting up, adding, editing, deleting, and making an Employee inactive.  Note: Payroll Items will be discussed in its own help topic (see payroll items). Form Access From the main menu, click Employees | Employee List or  From the toolbar, click the Employee button. Usage Use this form to set up …

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Employee Efficiency – Assign Hours

Introduction Alongside the Employee Efficiency report, the Assign Hours form is used as part of Total Office Manager’s Employee Efficiency tracking feature. Form Access From an Invoice or Sale, click Menu | Assign Hours From the Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List, select an Invoice or Sale and click Actions (or right-click) | Assign  Hours Field & Button Definitions …

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Worker’s Compensation on Timesheets

Using Timesheets to Track Worker’s Compensation Total Office Manager offers a Worker’s Compensation Tracking feature. This feature allows you to assign a Worker’s Compensation Code to your Employees’ timesheets to track those wages by earning item or Employee. To use this feature, you will need to enable the Preference under the Payroll options in the …

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Employee Type

Introduction This topic will cover setting up, editing, deleting, and inactivating employee types. Usage Use this form to create a list of employee types as they relate to payroll. Some examples of employee types include full-time, part-time, temporary, etc. Form Access From the main menu, click Employee | Lists | Employee Types List Field Definitions …

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Paycheck List

Payroll Paycheck List This help topic covers the use of the Paycheck List form. Please do not confuse this form with the Write Checks form, which displays only non payroll checks. For security and usability reasons, paychecks are displayed in their own list. There is also a check list form that displays regular checks. Usage …

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