This section contains topics relating to employees, timesheets, HR related tasks and payroll processing.

Sales Commission Tracking

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Introduction to Sales Commission Methods Sales and Invoices include a Sales Commission Tracking form where employees are selected to receive a commission. Commissions are calculated by selecting employees on Sales/Invoices and using pre-defined calculation methods. When processing payroll, these employees and their commissions are selected and may be edited or changed prior to the creation

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W-2 Processing

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Introduction Each year the Federal government requires that the employer send a W-2 Form to each employee that received wages for the previous year. Total Office Manager allows you generate W-2 Forms quickly and easily. It also gives you the ability to add any special items that Total Office Manager does not automatically include. Who

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Installing Aptora Report Builder

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Configuring the Report Builder Aptora Report Builder will be the next generation of reporting for Total Office Manager.  The new reporting application is a stand alone program which does not need Total Office Manager to generate reports.  At this time, there is no drill down capability for any of the reports included.  This help topic

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Geo Time Tracker™ – Setup & Usage

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Introduction Thank you for making the choice to invest in our application. This application's main purpose is to perform timesheet tasks, such as clocking in and out, without the requirement of having an internet connection. The app is a great alternative to using Aptora Mobile II when you do not need all of the features

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Introduction This topic will cover setting up, adding, editing, deleting, and making an Employee inactive.  Note: Payroll Items will be discussed in its own help topic (see payroll items). Form Access From the main menu, click Employees | Employee List or  From the toolbar, click the Employee button. Usage Use this form to set up

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Employee Efficiency – Assign Hours

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Introduction Alongside the Employee Efficiency report, the Assign Hours form is used as part of Total Office Manager's Employee Efficiency tracking feature. Form Access From an Invoice or Sale, click Menu | Assign Hours From the Invoice/Sale/Credit/Estimate List, select an Invoice or Sale and click Actions (or right-click) | Assign  Hours Field & Button Definitions

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Worker’s Compensation

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Introduction Total Office Manager offers a Worker’s Compensation Tracking feature. This feature allows you to assign a Worker’s Compensation Code to your Employees’ timesheets to track those wages by earning item or Employee. To use this feature, you will need to enable the Preference under the Payroll options in the main preferences section.  Once enabled, you

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Employee Type

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Introduction This topic will cover setting up, editing, deleting, and inactivating employee types. Usage Use this form to create a list of employee types as they relate to payroll. Some examples of employee types include full-time, part-time, temporary, etc. Form Access From the main menu, click Employee | Lists | Employee Types List Field Definitions

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Employee List

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Introduction The Employee List is used to manage company employee records. Form Access From the main menu, click Employees | Employee List, or From the toolbar, click the Employee button. Usage Perhaps the easiest way of using the commands available in this list is through it's right click menu.  The right click menu is identical

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New Employee Setup

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Introduction Enter new employees into the system using the New Employee form.  All employee information necessary for a Human Resource department and more can be stored in an employee record: Each employee record has a Skills tab used to track the work order types to which the employee is qualified to be assigned.  It can

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