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Payroll Liability Adjustment

Introduction This help topic explains how to adjust payroll liability amounts using the Adjust Payroll Liability form in Total Office Manager. Usage This form allows you to enter an adjustment for any payroll item. For example, after you prepare a payroll tax form, you may discover that your balance for a liability payroll item needs …

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Payroll Liability Refund Deposit

Introduction This topic explains the use of the Payroll Liability Deposit form. Please do NOT confuse this topic with the Make Deposit form or topic. The Payroll Liability Deposit form was specifically designed to handle deposits of money that is returned to you for over payments of payroll liability. Do NOT use the Make Deposits …

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Payroll – Payroll Templates

Introduction Payroll Templates allow you to put together a package of payroll items (including tax types, earning types, deduction types, employer liability types, and time off types) and give them a name. In other words, Payroll Templates are groups of payroll items. This makes it easier to process payroll because you can add a payroll template to …

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Payroll Summary

Report Summary This report reflects a summary of the wages, deductions, taxes, additions, and employer contributions which are generated through payroll processing. The following transactions are summarized in this report: Paychecks Payroll YTD Adjustments for the employee Liability Adjustments for the employee Report Options When running this report, the following filters options are available: Date …

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Certified Payroll

Introduction To be awarded government jobs, or to be hired for your expertise in your field as a Sub-Contractor by a General Contractor working on a job requiring payment of a prevailing wage for each of the skills employed in completing that job – you will likely be required to provide a certified payroll report. …

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