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Payroll – Paycheck Details Form

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The paycheck details form allows the user to manually change the values in a paycheck. This editing function is not allowed after the paycheck is posted, printed or voided.

Form Access

The Paycheck Details form is not accessed directly from the main menu, but rather from the Process Paycheck List form (Employees > Process Paychecks).  From here open the  Paycheck Details form by double-clicking on any listed paycheck. Alternatively, highlight any paycheck with a single-click, then click the Paycheck button and select Edit Paycheck..


  1. To change earnings hours on a paycheck, simply click in the Hours field for whatever earning item to adjust and enter the new value. The Total field will recalculate after you leave the Hours field.  Nothing else is recalculated at this point.
  2. To manually enter non-calculated amounts (like a bonus) in the Total field, use the same technique as above.

  3. To recalculate the paycheck, click the Paycheck Details button and select “Recalc Paycheck”. Any changes made to earnings will force Taxes, Deductions and Liabilities to be recalculated.  This will have an affect on taxes, deductions, and liabilities (if applicable). The recalculate option will make certain that all of these numbers are correct.

Paycheck Details Form – Summary Tab


The summary tab shows current and YTD earnings for both the employee and for the Employer Liabilities. Please note that YTD earnings will not appear until the paycheck is posted.

Form Access

With the Paycheck Details form open (see the “Form Access” section above) click the Summary tab on the left hand side of the form.

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