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Employee List

Introduction The Employee List is used to manage company employee records. Form Access From the main menu, click Employees | Employee List, or From the toolbar, click the Employee button. Usage Perhaps the easiest way of using the commands available in this list is through it’s right click menu.  The right click menu is identical …

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New Employee Setup

Introduction Enter new employees into the system using the New Employee form.  All employee information necessary for a Human Resource department and more can be stored in an employee record: Each employee record has a Skills tab used to track the work order types to which the employee is qualified to be assigned.  It can …

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Payroll – Pay Period

Introduction The pay period list and edit window help Total Office Manager determine the number of pay periods per calendar year. Unless you have a very good reason to change these, please do not edit them. Form Access From the main menu, click Employee | Lists | Pay Frequency List Step-By-Step Open the Pay Period …

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Pay Group List (payroll)

Using the Pay Group List Form to Speed Up Paycheck Processing The pay group list and edit window create pay groups that are used in payroll processing. Pay groups are used to organize your payroll into groups that can be paid as a batch. A pay group might be all your hourly technicians. It could …

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Process Payroll Paychecks

Introducing the Process Paychecks Form The paycheck list form is a convenient way to look at paychecks. The list has several filtering capabilities. Among them you can sort by Employee, Date Range, Paycheck Posted, Paycheck Printed, or Paycheck Voided. This form uses the same advanced filtering and sorting capability found in other parts of Total Office …

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Process Payroll Pay Group

Introducing the Payroll Process Pay Group Use the Process Pay Group form to easily run payroll for a specific pay group. You can create groups for sales people, technicians, hourly, salaried, and so forth. Form Access From the main menu, click Employees > Process Pay Group (see illustration). Step-by-Step Choose a Pay Group from the …

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Find Income Tax Tables

Introducing the Find Income Tax Tables Feature The Find Tax form looks for specific taxes as listed in Total Office Manager’s Payroll Tax Tables. The user selects a calculation type (Federal, Local, State) and presses the Find button to open this window. Form Access Click the Find button on various payroll forms. Step-By-Step Click on …

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