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The Purchase Order (PO) History form quickly displays the history of items appearing on a purchase order.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Vendor | PO List. Then, right-click on a purchase order and choose History from the pop-up menu. Or

  • From within a purchase order itself, click Menu | History.

Field and Button Definitions

With exception of its export abilities, the PO History form is for information use only.  It displays:

  • PO # – The number of the purchase order being displayed.
  • Vendor – The vendor to whom the purchase order was written.
  • Vendor Phone # – Provides quick access to the vendor’s phone number if questions arise.
  • Date – The date of an item being received against the purchase order. There may be more than one.
  • Number – If a Reference # was entered when the item was received, it is displayed here.
  • Type – Displays the activity which took place.
  • Item – Displays the name/number of the invoice item.
  • PO Qty – Displays the original quantity ordered on the purchase order.
  • Qty – Displays the actual quantity of items involved in this transaction.
  • Cost – Displays the expected direct cost of a single unit of the given item.
  • Amount – Displays the product of “Qty” times “Cost” for that line item.
  • Closed – When ticked, this checkbox indicates that all of a particular item from the original purchase order has been received.


Use the PO History form to quickly see the status and history of items appearing on a single purchase order.  In the following example, the PO History is displayed for the same PO, but at different points in time.  The upper PO History form shows having received eight of ten items ordered on a particular purchase order.  Notice how the Closed checkbox is not ticked, indicating that items are not yet received and perhaps on backorder or still in transit.

The lower PO History form shows an additional entry several days later, when the remaining two of ten items originally ordered on that purchase order were received.  Notice how the Closed checkbox for every receiving instance is now ticked, indicating that all items have been received.

Both of these entries appeared automatically the instant those items were received toward the purchase order (Vendors > Receive Items).

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