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Work order types are managed through the Work Order Type List.  Work order types are a way of categorizing work orders to help sort, organize, and manage them.  Work order types are also used for skill checking when assigning work orders to technicians, ensuring that work orders are assigned to technicians qualified for the job (see the related topic, Employee – New Employee Setup for more information).

Form Access

From the main menu, click Company | Lists | Work Order Type List.

Usage & Menu Options

Menu options for the Work Order Type list are located under the Work Order Type option in the upper left corner of the form.  You may quickly access this menu by using holding down the ALT key and typing W or right clicking anywhere on the list.

  • To create a new work order type, right click anywhere in the list and choose New Work Order Type from the pop-up menu.
  • To edit a work order type, you may double click to open or right-click on it and choose Edit Work Order Type from the pop-up menu.
  • To delete a work order type, right-click on it and choose Delete Work Order Type from the pop-up menu.
    Note: You may not delete a work order type which has history.  Inactivating the work order type is the action to take if you no longer wish to use the item.
  • To inactivate a work order type, right-click on it and choose Make Work Order Type Inactive from the pop-up menu.  This can also be done by checking the “Inactive” checkbox within a work order type record.
  • To merge two work order types together, right click on the work order type you wish to merge and choose Merge Work Order Type from the pop-up menu. When the merge utility appears, select the target work order type in the Merge To section.  Indicate whether to inactivate the Merge From type and press the Merge button.  This will replace the Merge From work order type on work orders with the work order type selected in the Merge To.
  • To quickly create a spreadsheet of the work order type list, right click and choose Save/Open List in MS Excel from the pop-up menu.
    Note: If you are on the Aptora Hosted platform, you may save to this format and open on your local workstation.
  • To quickly highlight all visible records, right click and choose Select All from the pop-up menu.
  • To quickly remove any highlighting, right click and choose Unselect All from the pop-up menu.
  • To export all information currently visible in the list, right-click and choose Export List from the pop-up menu.

Creating a New Work Order Type

  1. Right click anywhere in the Work Order Type List and choose New Work Order Type from the pop-up menu.  The “Add Work Order Type” form will appear.
  2. Enter a name in the “Work Order Type” field.
  3. Enter a “Description” for the work order type, if desired. This description is for internal use to define how the work order type is used.
  4. Select a “Color Code” from the drop down list.  This assigns a color to the work order type, which then appears on the left side of the work orders on the schedule board.  You may also create your own custom color using the More Colors option.
  5. Define the “Default Length” for the work order type in minutes.  This will be prepopulate when creating new work orders of this type.  The default can be overridden as necessary.
    Note: The minimum length which may be entered is 15.  The maximum length which may be entered is 999.
  6. Select an option in the What Best Describes… field.  This selection will be used in the Contractor Compass Dashboard.
  7. Click the OK button to finish and close the form.
  8. Click the Cancel button to close the form and not save any changes made.
  9. Click the Next button to save and go on to create another.

Security Settings

The following securities (Company | User List/Security) are required for accessing work order types:

  1. Work Order Type List
    • Section = Company
    • Work Order Type List = View
  2. Work Order Type
    • Section = Company
    • Work Order Type = Add/Edit

Please Note: You may give someone access to add without having edit permissions.  We do not recommend users have permissions to void or delete unless it is vital to their day to day operations.


  • After setting up a new work order type, it will appear on the Skills tab of each employee record.  It will then be necessary to open each employee record who is qualified to perform that skill and mark it as such.  To prevent extra setup work, it is recommended to setup all of your work order types before setting up employees and their respective skills.
  • New work order types may also be created with the work order by select <Add New> in the work order type dropdown.

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