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This topic explains how to use the Schedule Profile feature in Total Office Manager.


Use this feature to define how you wish the schedule board to display information. This is handy when you need two or more schedule boards. Profiles eliminate the need for multiple schedule boards. You can quickly switch from on “view” to another.

Form Access

  • From the main menu, click Company | Lists | Schedule Profile List.


  1. Using the field and definitions table below, set the various filters and options as desired.
  2. Click the OK button when finished. Your changes will be saved and the form will be closed.

Field and Control Definitions

Filter By Employee

Use the control to view all scheduled items for a specific employee.

Filter By Date

Use this filter to display all scheduled items or display current and future scheduled items only.

Filter By Activity

Use this filter to display only work orders or only appointments.

Work Order Type

Use this filter to display work orders of a certain type only.

Work Order Status

Use this filter to display completed, not completed or all work orders.

Profile Inactive

Check this box to make the profile inactive. This makes it unavailable from the schedule board but it is not deleted.

Make this a Global Profile

When checked, this profile becomes a Global Profile and will be seen by all users. If not checked, users create their own private profiles and others will not be able to use them.

Next Button

The form is saved and cleared so that you can enter another profile.


  • If your service technicians and installers are primarily different people, consider creating a “Service” and “Installation” profile. You can have as many as you wish.
  • The default profile includes all appointments and work orders. There are no filters.

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