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This help topic explains how to use the batch printing of cash sales feature in Total Office Manager.


This form allows you to print multiple cash sales at one time.

Each time you write a check, create an invoice, or create certain other forms in Total Office Manager, you have the option to check the To be Printed option. This marks the record as something you wish to print later. This allows you to print invoices, checks, or what ever, at a later time.

Form Access

  • From the main menu click File | Printing | Print Forms | Sales Receipts.

Field Definitions

A/R Account – This is a filter. This is the accounts receivable account (from your chart of accounts) that is used to display any invoices marked for printing.
Date – The date of the cash sales.
Customer – The customer who the cash sales was created for.
Amount – The total amount of the cash sales.

Button Definitions

Select All – Selects each and every record in the list.
Select None – Deselects all cash sales in the list that may have been marked for printing.
OK – Produces the cash sales forms and sends them to your printer.
Cancel – Closes the form without producing any cash sales forms.


  1. Open the Print Cash Sales form as directed above.
  2. Select an Account Receivable account to view the corresponding invoices.
  3. Mark which cash sales you wish to print.
  4. Click OK to commit your changes and send the cash sales to your printer.


  • You wish to consider having a good laser printer for every day reports. An inexpensive ink jet type printer can be handy for printing checks. Leave this printer loaded with check stock and dedicate it for check printing only. You may also have another printer pre-loaded with special paper (like forms or letter head) for printing invoices or statements.

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